Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I know this is supposed to be a Kdrama blog but I get distracted okay? I'm just going to write what I want. Like today I'm going to talk about Zion.T. Zion.T is just. Have you heard his music? Here are a couple of songs of his.

He is awesome right? I love his voice and the music itself. I could listen to him all day and not get tired of it. His voice is so smooooooth. I just love it. His birthday is three days after mine too! Okay. Three days and a few years but at least is only a few years and not ten. Heh.

When Zion.T debuted in 2011 it was through collaborations with other artists. His first single was "Click Me" which is the first video posted above. His first MV was for "Miss Kim", probably my favorite song of his.

Check Zion.T out and let me know what you think! Who are you listening to a lot right now? Let me know.

I will leave you with pictures of Zion.T. Enjoy!

Zion.T and G-Dragon! Hee hee! Love it.

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