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My Lovable Girl Episode 3 Recap

I thought this episode was better than the last two but more on that later. Recap, go!

The last episode ended with Se Na asking Wook if he likes her. Wook says that he is trying to get his investment back after paying off her debt. He just wants to make music with Se Na and does not see her as a woman. She wonders if she is a man then and gets on the bus where she receives a call from the loan sharks who want to say good bye and congratulate her on finding a kindhearted man. Se Na goes back to Joo Hong's house where she is reunited with her guitar.

I know that her name is Hae Yoon but she will now be known as "Woman who won't get Wook" or WWWGW for short. That is what I call her in my notes and it suits her, don't you think? Anyway. WWWGW came to Wook's house to take him to work because she is nervous that he won't show up on his own. Before WWWGW came in Wook thought she was Se Na. Wook tells Se Na that he can't leave Dal Bong alone so she offers to send her maid over to watch him and proceeded to eat Dol Bong's food. Poor WWWGW. 

Everyone is in a meeting discussing who should be the president of ANA and this guy is on a rant about how nobody but Jae Young can fill the role. President Lee is present through video without this guy's knowledge and says that Wook is qualified too. Just the sound of President Lee's voice made the guy jump. When Wook walked in he asked everyone to fill in the gaps he'll make since he won't be working hard and will only be at ANA for two months. 

Se Na arrives for her appointment at ANA and is surprised when she is told to go the president's office. What is even more surprising is that Wook is in the president's office. When Se Na asks why Wook didn't tell her he said it is because he was a bum until yesterday. To fulfill her contract Se Na has to write a 20,000,000 Won song in two months or repay the debt that Wook covered. When asked if he'll regret it Wook says he doesn't have 20,000,000 Won regrets. 

When Wook introduced Se Na to Jae Young he was a total jerk telling Se Na that she wouldn't amount to anything and dismissing her influence on Infinite Power's title song because he listens to and gets inspired by 100s of songs daily. Wook mentions that he must have heard something in Se Na's song, however, because he actually used it. Since Se Na didn't audition like all the other trainees it is decided that she will remain on a monthly trial basis. WWWGW wants to know why Wook invested in Se Na and if she is really that talented and Wook says his gut tells him that she is. Se Na has a week to come up with a song for the monthly review.

Wook has an adorable half sister named Min Ah! She is a trainee at ANA and Wook is concerned. He isn't sure if this is what Min Ah wants or her mother and tells Min Ah's mom that Min Ah has to know she can succeed to do well in the business. When Wook went to the hospital to see why his dad is letting Min Ah be a trainee at ANA President Lee is flirting with the nurses. President Lee asks where else he would send his daughter. YG or Cube? President Lee tells Wook to stick Min Ah in a girl group and leave her alone. Wook wants to know if his father is trying to run his life again and President Lee tells him to work hard so that Pres Lee won't have to. He also says that he won't interfere in Wook's love life anymore but Wook says he will never love anyone until the day he does (uh huh) and informs his father that he has not forgiven Pres Lee.

When asked by Se Na if Wook wrote all of his songs about the same question he avoids answering and tells Se Na to call him president not mister. Infinite Power is discussing their contract with Wook when Shi Woo comes in late because Rae Hoon didn't tell him about the meeting. They make it sound like Shi Woo drove separately because he enjoys driving. Wook conratulates Shi Woo on becoming a singer and Shi Woo asks if Wook will be building a funeral mound as promised. Apparently Wook didn't have a lot of faith in Shi Woo becoming a singer. I don't know if that is the case or if Wook was pushing Shi Woo to become better. As they're leaving Shi Woo and Rae Hoon argue about Rae Hoon's poor leadership skills.

Shi Woo finds Se Na sitting with her guitar in a practice room and sneaks up on her. He proceeds to go over the code of trainees and how everything Se Na uses at ANA is bought with money he earned for the company but Se Na doesn't comply. She tells Shi Woo that she knows why Ra Eum rejected him. Ouch! Right after she said that, though, a manager came in to tell Se Na that she is on cleaning duty. Kind of hurts your cause doesn't it Se Na? 

Ra Eum is talking with WWWGW about coming to the company for President Lee but WWWGW calls her out. WWWGW knows why Ra Eum is really there and tells her to break things of with Rae Hoon. WWWGW also tells Ra Eum to change her hair color and when Ra Eum protests saying her color is popular WWWGW disagrees and tells her that she is not a fashionista even though she wants to be. 

Ra Eum wants to know what Shi Woo wants for his birthday but he doesn't really answer her. He pulls the "I want to kiss you but I'm just reaching behind you to push a button" move and tells Ra Eum he isn't interested in her anymore. Ra Eum agrees that they should be friends since they are family now but Shi Woo doesn't even want that kind of relationship with her. Wook has to go to a difficult meeting despite his earlier protest and Se Na has to organize Shi Woo's gifts. While organizing the gifts the manager sees Wook leaving with WWWGW and points out that WWWGW probably already called dibs on him.

Wook is at the difficult meeting and it turns out the reason is that the investor has women troubles. He wants to see Ra Eum or he won't invest so Wook says he'll let the investor see her. WWWGW is not happy with that idea because the investor may want more but Wook says that is for Ra Eum to decide.

It is Shi Woo's birthday party! Shi Woo has something special planned for his fans because he loves them. What fangirl doesn't want to hear that? They all swoon but Rae Hoon has a video he prepared for everyone to watch first. At the end of the video it shows Shi Woo being smacked by Se Na. Shi Woo brushes it off as a mistake so that his fans don't get upset then goes outside to talk to Rae Hoon. Rae Hon is upset because Shi Woo replaced Joong Do and feels like Shi Woo is not talented enough. Shi Woo said he didn't ask to replace Joong Do and the boys get into a fight. After Se Na breaks up their fight and Rae Hoon leaves Se Na apologizes for everything but Shi Woo told her not to say sorry because he wants to be cruel to her.

When Ra Eum showed up to the meeting she almost ripped up her contract because she thought Wook wanted her to do inappropriate things with the investor. That wasn't the case, though, because Wook actually invited the investor's wife to the meeting so that the investor wouldn't do anything to Ra Eum. WWWGW was so relieved and happy afterwards because she had been afraid that Wook changed. There is a meeting about what happened at Shi Woo's party and the ranting guy from earlier wants to know who Se Na is and why she is in their company. Wook said it is the manager's fault for not monitoring Rae Hoon's activities. Jae Young still insists that it is Se Na's fault the investment was lost. When Se Na meets Wook on the roof and apologizes he tells her how disappointed she is and how much he regrets his investment because she isn't working hard enough to write a song.

WWWGW had a meeting with the media who were at Shi Woo's party and they have audio of the events but no video. If Rae Hoon will MC for them they won't leak the audio. Jae Young is still upset about Wook's presence and tells WWWGW that he doesn't like Wook because WWWGW has feelings for Wook and if she isn't careful she may lose him not as a man but a producer. Wook is watching Se Na practice and almost walks in when he remembers Se Na asking if he likes her. WWWGW walks up and asks if Se Na is really talented and Wook says it doesn't matter if Se Na doesn't rise to the occasion. Just as they're walking away Se Na begins to play the keyboard and Wook is mesmerized.

It is thirty minutes before Se Na's turn to be evaluated and Jae Young asks her to go to the studio to pick up an mp3. He says Se Na doesn't have to worry about the evaluation because she doesn't need it. During the evaluation nobody is good enough and Jae Young criticizes everyone harshly but Min Ah. She was the worst but got praised. Wook got anxious when the song that was playing during his accident played and he had to leave the room. The file wasn't ready when Se Na arrived at the studio so she didn't get to the evaluation until everyone had finished. Wook let her sing and everyone was moved by her song even the ranting guy from earlier. Wook said it lacked the basics of songwriting but it was charming.

Jae Young wonders why Wook only evaluated Se Na and Wook says he did it because the others were Jae Young's kids. He agrees to evaluate them and tells the girl group if their concept is sexy Jae Young needs to help them fulfill it, tells the solo girl she practices too much and needs to go to the hospital before she collapses, questions why everyone praised Min Ah when she doesn't know basics of singing, and tells the solo guy he needs to be his own person. 

Jae Young wants to know if Wook thinks that Se Na is the best and Wook wants to know if Jae Young doesn't want to admit it or can't see it: that music is an art. Wook said it would be embarrassing if the nation's best songwriter couldn't see that. Jae Young took this as a challenge and proposed a battle between himself and Se Na. If the song he writes wins Se Na will leave the company and if Se Na's song wins Jae Young will leave. As they're leaving some of the trainees think that Wook was too harsh while some think he offered constructive criticism and wonder what his relationship with Se Na is. The manager tells Se Na that she is lucky to have such a great backer and apologizes for making Se Na work so hard.

Min Ah is not happy about what her brother said and is crying in the car. Her mom is upset too and tells Wook that he should help Min Ah because she has endured seventeen years (I'm guessing in his family) and she will make Min Ah a singer no matter what. Wook finds Se Na outside looking at a balloon and wonders why she isn't working on her song. Se Na said she wanted to stay at ANA a long time but Wook ruined it and she wonders why he did that. Wook tells her that there could be a miracle and she is special to him because it has been a long time since his heart beat while listening to someone's song. 

There you have it! Episode three! I hope ya'll don't mind all of the WWWGWs. That is her character name in my head. It makes me feel bad for her but that girl needs to wake up! I liked her character more during this episode. She was adorable when she was so happy that Wook hadn't changed and didn't sell out Ra Eum. 

I'm really appreciating Se Na's sassy ways, especially when they backfire on her. I don't she'll ever be able to make good on her threat to Shi Woo. Speaking of Shi Woo. Am I the only one shipping Shi Woo and Se Na? I mean, don't get me wrong, I really like Wook but I'm not feeling anything between him and Se Na. I think Shi Woo and Se Na have a lot more chemistry. I rarely go for the second lead couple ship but this time I'm feeling it. Maybe it will slowly build up between Se Na and Wook. We're only on episode three after all.

I'm still not sure about this show. Something keeps pulling in despite it being so basic and predictable. I guess I'm getting attached to the characters. Especially Shi Woo. I think that Shi Woo is very interesting. It seems like he is putting on a tough guy act because he is defensive about replacing a member of Infinite Power. He knows the members don't care for him so he feels like he needs to be a tough guy. 

I almost feel like I'm watching for the side characters because I think I know what will happen between Wook and Se Na. They'll start to fall in love, she'll find out he dated her sister, drama, and back together more in love than before. We'll see, though! I could be surprised.

What do you guys think of My Lovable Girl so far? How about one last picture of Shi Woo's smile? I was definitely swooning too much over him during this episode. Be well, everyone!

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