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My Lovable Girl Episode 1 Recap

My Lovable Girl. This is my first recap all by myself so forgive me for my mistakes. I'll improve as I go. Well, that is the plan anyway. I'll give my opinion after the recap. Let's get started!

We did not get a happy beginning. Hyun Wook and his girlfriend Yoon So Eun were on the way to Hyun Wook's father's and were arguing. So Eun wanted to break up with Wook because she believed that he had slept with a singer whose song he produced. Hearing that she wanted to break up Wook got upset and pulled over. He got out of the car and there was a car accident. So Eun was killed leaving Wook holding her while crying and apologizing.

We fast forward three years and Hyun Wook's neighbor is trying to get herself a man. Hyun Wook cooks for her and she invites him to her place for some "wine". Uh huh. We all see through you lady. Hyun Wook lets her down saying he has a 1983 woman despite the neighbor not seeing him with a woman since he has lived there. Shin Hae Yoon then entered and  the neighbor assumed this was Wook's woman and left. She wasn't too happy. Can you blame her?

Here we are with Hae Yoon. She has known Wook for twelve years so she is automatically in line for his love right? That also means she gets to boss him around and tell him to come back to Seoul because she found him after all. Wook tells Hae Yoon that he won't do it because of music and love and then she kisses him but Wook does not return her feelings. Sorry girl. You're not getting this one. It would be better for you to accept that now but you won't.

Here is So Eun's sister Se Na after she left her job because loan sharks were chasing after her. She works part time jobs and seems to be into music if the guitar is an indication of that. Unfortunately since So Eun passed away Se Na is all alone and doesn't have anyone to lean on. She called her sister's old cell phone which actually rang and Wook answered silently. Why she kept talking I don't know but that phone call tore Wook up because Se Na is so lonely. Se Na went to her friend's house to stay and asked to borrow her friend's name so that she can avoid the loan sharks. Se Na manages to find a job at a hotel where she is able to comfort a crying little girl by playing Twinkle Little Star on drinking glasses.

Wook decides that he needs to hire someone to find Se Na because of that phone call. He wants to help her out because she is all alone but doesn't know where to begin looking for her and that is why he was enlisting help. You can tell that So Eun's death still pains him and that he feels responsible for it. When Wook meets his friend for drinks the friend tries to convince Wook not to find the girl because the friend feels like there is no point but Wook won't listen. The song that was playing during the accident that killed So Eun started to play and Wook had a panic attack and had to leave the bar.

Wook is taking his dog on a walk around the hotel grounds when his dog gets off of the leash. Of course the dog runs to Se Na who proceeds to sing to the dog to cheer him up because he looks so tired. Wook tells her that the song sounds good and Se Na asks what the dog's name is. When she says the dog's name, Dal Bong, the dog jumps on her and we get the classic guy catches the girl before she falls sequence. Oh the cheese. I keep coming back, though! The next day Wook calls Se Na to ask her to watch Dal Bong because Dal Bong has fallen for her.

Oh, look! It is the lady who wants the man but won't get him. She still thinks that she will because she apparently does not catch on quickly. Anyway, she came to pick Wook up for lunch and when Se Na came to watch Dal Bong she got all smug because Wook said he was waiting for another woman and obviously he would not go for someone who works at a hotel. She even tipped Se Na. Oh you poor girl. 

While Se Na is watching Dal Bong she is concerned because he isn't eating anything. She decides that she must be the one who is hungry so she starts to snack on a sausage and then gives the whole thing to Dal Bong. I mean, wouldn't we all? I can't resist sad dog eyes. Dal Bong collapsed and was taken to the veterinarian where he was diagnosed with cancer. Poor Wook. To make Dal Bong's last days happy Wook tells Se Na that she will be Dal Bong's caretaker and proceeds to give her an elaborate list of what Dal Bong can and can not eat things like organic food and local chicken with no additives. She often has to redo and make changes to Dal Bong's food if it doesn't meet Wook's satisfaction and her coworkers who once envied her begin to feel bad for her. Wook does not let Se Na know that Dal Bong has cancer.

Se Na is into music! I neglected to mention that Hae Yoon is at the hotel because she works for ANA which is the company that manages a group called Infinite Power. Infinite Power is going to do a concert at the hotel and Se Na is trying to record a song that she wrote so that she can share her demo with an ANA representative. It doesn't start out well, however, because she can't stop thinking about Wook and the crazy demands he has concerning Dal Bong's care. The night of the concert Se Na asks a coworker to trade places and watch Dal Bong for a bit while she tries to get her demo to someone from ANA. Wook is at Se Na's place after getting a phone call that she is living with her friend there and is still unaware that Se Na is So Eun's sister. Se Na's friend even denies knowing her.

Hae Yoon calls Wook back to the hotel because she has something urgent to tell him. Why can't you tell him over the phone if it is that urgent? If it is urgent you should tell the person right away. I really don't get it when they do things like that. Anyway, Wook's dad is there and Wook is less than thrilled to see him. Wook and his dad treat each other coldly talking about Wook's decision to be on his own and then Wook gets up to leave. Hae Yoon goes after him and tells him to make up with his father because his father is sick but then there is an announcement that Dal Bong is missing and Wook goes to the front desk to find out what is going on.

Completely unaware that Dal Bong is missing Se Na is going about her business when these two come outside. Shi Woo is in Infinite Power and he has had his eyes on this girl since the after party started. Ra Eum, however, has not even looked at him and has been dancing with another guy (Rae Hoon) the whole time. Shi Woo grabbed Ra Eum and brought her outside telling her not to dance with Rae Hoon. Ra Eum informs him that they just had a fling and completely rejects him after he tells her that he likes her. Se Na witnessed all of this and while Shi Woo was checking her to make sure she didn't have a phone or camera to record him, he found her demo. This makes him angrier than he already is and he drags her into the party ready to embarrass her.

After playing the beginning of her CD, which is an introduction to a song about love at first sight, Se Na stops it. Shi Woo wants to know why she did that and Se Na tells him that she does not want her music introduced that way. He asks if she wanted to seduce someone and play it in their room and then bam! She slaps the dude AND calls him a piece of trash. Se Na apologizes for disrupting the party and leaves. Shi Woo follows her and Se Na tells him that she only wanted to meet an ANA representative, not lurk around celebrities. She says he must be embarrassed because she saw him being rejected. That set Shi Woo off but his manager came out just in time to take him away and avoid an incident.

Right after that Wook appears and is upset that Dal Bong is missing and she switched places with someone instead of watching Dal Bong herself. I can't say that I blame Wook for being upset. He trusted her to watch Dal Bong and she didn't do it. Don't get me wrong, I know Se Na wanted to give her demo to an ANA rep but that doesn't give her an excuse to leave Dal Bong to someone Wook doesn't know and trust. Wook caught her at a bad time, though, and Se Na questions why everyone is so upset with her and why everyone is taking their anger out on her. Dal Bong is found but Se Na still gets fired.

Right after Wook leaves Se Na he gets a call that Se Na is working under the name Joo Hong and works at the hotel Wook is staying at. He goes after Se Na and finds her at the bus stop. Wook calls the number that had called So Eun's sister and confirms that Se Na and Joo Hong are the same. Se Na and Wook meet eyes and the episode ends!

There you have it folks. My first recap! Now for my opinion. There are a lot of things that I'm enjoying about this show so far and some that I'm not. I really like that Se Na stands up for herself while being a warm person who enjoys taking care of others. I completely understand her drive to be a songwriter but I think she has to fulfill her current responsibilities even if they get in the way. There is a time and place for everything. She obviously has some growing up to do despite her otherwise mature appearance.

I thought that when we were introduced to Wook after the three year time period he was going to be a play boy but I'm glad he wasn't. It is sad that he is still having such a hard time getting over So Eun's death to the point that he even has anxiety attacks. I agree with his friend that he doesn't have to take responsibility for Se Na but I do understand why he wants to. He is obviously feeling guilty and wants to make up for Se Na's loss.

I'm looking forward to getting to know Shi Woo's character more. I know he came off like a jerk but I can understand why he got aggravated with Se Na. To him she was another person trying to use his celebrity to get into the  music business and he had just been rejected my the girl he likes. I don't get that girl. What is wrong with a guy saying he likes you? I liked it when the guy did that. I still like hearing it from my husband even though we've been married eleven years!

So far this is a drama that I could either really get into or get tired of because I know what is going to happen and I'm ready for it to come already. Ha ha! It all depends on how the characters progress and how attached I get to them. When I watched Mary Stayed Out All Night for example, I got attached to the characters and kept watching for them even though I knew what would happen. Plus Jang Keun Suk is just purdy. Rain and Shi Woo are purdy too. There are a lot of purdy people in this drama. That is nice. 

So what do you think? Are you enjoying My Lovable Girl so far? I'm curious about what happened before Wook and So Eun were going to meet his father and what happened after the accident. I know we'll get to know Shi Woo more but what about Ra Eum and Rae Hoon? Why are they acting like that? There has to be a reason right? There always is in drama land!

On another note, I can not get Rain's 30Sexy out of my head. Like it has been on repeat since I watched this episode so I thought I'd share the video. Enjoy! 

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