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My Lovable Girl Episode 4 Recap

It is time for another recap, ya'll! I think I'm switching things up again. I don't know about you guys but I have a pretty short attention span so I'm going to make this a short and simple recap. I don't think ya'll need a lot of details, just the important stuff, and I'll give you that and my opinion on the happenings of episode four. This will also help me get my recaps our earlier. So with that being said, let's get started!

*Fangirl on* Would you just look at this man? I mean, look at him! Roar! Every time I hear his voice I melt all over again. Why you so hot Rain? You are Rain. I do not associate Rain with hot!Quit confusing me! *Fangirl off*

Wook gives good advice. Work hard and don't let go of something you are working toward. After this we have WWWGW (Woman Who Won't Get Wook) telling Se Na to give up the competition and ask Jae Young to take her under his wing. Se Na doesn't know what Wook would want her to do and, of course, Jae Young walks in telling her he doesn't want her to give up because she needs to see what it is like to hit the bottom.

Wook wants Shi Woo to apologize to the other members of Infinite Power because he feels like if something isn't done the group will break up. Shi Woo doesn't want to do it. I'm thinking because he wants to protect his pride. When Wook's dad calls to tell Wook to take him home from the hospital Wook says no with the excuse that he has to work. Wook's dad is against the competition and asks Wook to call it off but he tells his dad to stay out of it.

Se Na was trying to eat ramyun when some Shi Woo girls decided to give her a hard time. Shi Woo came and was nice to his fans but harsh to Se Na so Se Na was mad at him. He was trying to protect her, though, so Se Na again had to put her foot in her mouth in front of Shi Woo. 

*Fangirl on* Guys. Seriously. L is just too pretty. I could look at him all day, especially when he smiles. I know they won't end up together but I really want them to because they balance each other out. *Fangirl off*

So Se Na asked Shi Woo what kind of song he wants to sing and he said a song that will be number one. That isn't asking too much right? Hee hee!

Se Na is having a hard time writing her song so she goes on a walk where she meets Wook who is worried about her. They fight over ice cream and Wook walks her home. He is surprised to hear that Se Na lives with her friend and her friend's boyfriend and Se Na calls Wook old fashioned. Hee hee!

Min Ah is having a vocal lesson but she is having a hard time with the feel of the song. Her teacher is trying to help her but Min Ah's mom butts in telling the teacher to stick to teaching Min Ah techniques.

Wook wants to set rules for the competition but Jae Young is being a jerk as always. He says that Wook has already replaced So Eun and that he was not the one who killed her. This, of course, sets Wook off. Apparently Seo Young shared some information he wasn't supposed to with So Eun or someone else and Wook blames that on everything. I don't know what happened. I guess we'll have to wait and see! Oh and Wook's friend tells him to make Se Na leave the company so he can forget So Eun but Wook wants to help her. Seo Young tells Se Na he'll ruin Wook because of her.

The next scenes are very sweet. Wook is helping Se Na by getting her mind of off writing the song and bringing her places that may inspire her. He takes her to an art gallery and an abandoned amusement park. When Se Na comments that the park will be gone someday Wook tells her that it will be in peoples' memories and that memories become songs which becomes someone else's memory. Se Na needs to use her memories to write songs. Wook wrote the best songs when he was in love.

This scene just broke my heart. Wook is talking to So Eun about how much fun he had with Se Na that day and how he wished it could have been the three of them. He feels so guilty over waht happened to So Eun. He thinks that if he didn't hold onto So Eun she'd still be alive. I need more background information because this is driving me crazy! Look at how torn up he is!

So Se Na had no clue that she needed to arrange her song and record a guide singing it. She asked the other members of Infinite Power to help out but they refused so Se Na maniuplated Shi Woo into doing it. I think he kind of wanted to though. Oh and earlier WWWGW tried a trick to get Wook but it didn't work and Seo Young tried to propose to WWWGW and that backfired too. A whole heap of rejection in this drama!

There you have it. Seo Young finally lost it and is leaving the company with Infinite Power. Everyone is freaking out and WWWGW tries to stop him but he is determined. He has had enough and won't listen to anyone. He wants to take everything from Wook one at a time to get his revenge. Se Na thinks that it is her fault that Seo Young is leaving but Wook tells her that it isn't and not to worry about it. 

Seo Young sent a picture of Wook's father with another woman and little boy and Wook is not happy. His father says that there was nothing wrong with what he did with that woman and Wook loses it. He doesn't understand how his father can be like this. Not even a year after Wook's mom passed away his father was married again and now there is this woman. Wook tells his father that he doesn't want anything to do with him anymore.

Everyone is stressed out after their long day and all of the happenings so Se Na makes an awkward attempt to apologize. It is cute, though, and you can tell that Wook is touched. I'm disappointed that we didn't get to hear her song but I'm sure we'll be able to in the future.

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to write this recap! I kept getting distracted. This episode was interesting and I'm looking forward to finding out more of everyone's story. I'm really curious about what happened between Wook and So Eun. What do you guys think? Will you be watching the rest of the series?

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