Saturday, September 27, 2014

Evil Kdrama Hotties

I can't concentrate on my "My Lovable Girl" recap because I'm distracted by the evil Jae Young hottie so I thought I'd do an evil kdrama hotties post. Some are completely evil and some aren't but they try their best so stop giving them a hard time! Gosh!

First, Kim Jin Woo since I'm distracted by his character Jae Young in My Lovable Girl.

So this next one turned evil for good reason and then became good again but even when he was evil I shipped him with the female lead which is rare for me. Nam Goong Min who played the kind of evil Jang Joon Ha in "Can You Hear My Heart?".

He has the sweetest smile and then bam!

This. I mean. What was I saying?

Finally (for now), Lee Tae Sung who played the evil Yong Tae Mu in Rooftop Prince. 

I'm not liking how photo-shopped his face looks but, you know, hot so don't touch!

Who are your evil Kdrama hotties?


  1. Where the HELL did Nam Goong Min find those abs?! Holy bejesus.... that, quite literally, made me stutter!

    1. I know! I have no words for that picture. I just stare. Also, how did I just now see this comment? Thank you for it!

  2. Hello Kdrama Mama I wanna ask you something
    my niece very curious with your snapshoot scene of Kim Jin Woo at Bath
    can you tell me where it come from?
    is it from drama or movies? can you tell me title of drama / movie?

    thankyou kdrama mama

    1. Hi Kim Byu's World! Thank you for your question. I had to do some research because I wrote this post a year ago and could not remember where I got the image. I do believe that it is from Queen In Hyun's Man. If you haven't seen it yet it is definitely worth a watch! Thank you again and have a great day!