Tuesday, September 9, 2014

For my Daughters: How to Get a Chaebol Kdrama Style

Since I already have a man I don’t need all of the lessons that I've learned on how to get a man from Kdramas. So, when the time comes I will pass this valuable information along to my daughters.

1. Be poor and if you aren’t poor, have a trait that is unique to the chaebol community. Or, as is the case of Gong Hyo-jin’s character in Master’s Sun, be poor AND have a unique trait.

2. Work really hard and give the appearance of being thick skinned and having everything under control while on the inside that is not the case. For reference see Lee Chung-ah’s character in Flower Boy Ramen Shop.

3. If you are really beautiful you have to find a way to hide that beauty so that you appear average to a man…at first. They’re my daughters, so of course they will be beautiful. Jang Na-ra’s character in Fated to Love You is a perfect example. She uses her glasses and clothes to hide her beauty.

4. You have to find a way into a chaebol man’s life and stay there as long as possible. There are several examples you can follow but I like how Choi Kang-hee’s character in Protect the Boss did it. She unintentionally got involved, used her charms to make two hotties fall in love with her, and even got married to one of them! 

5. There really shouldn't be anything else that you have to do. As long as you stick to these methods if you do get separated from your chaebol somehow you will be in his heart and on his mind so much that he won’t be able to date another girl. I can think of two good examples: My Girl and My Lovely Sam-soon. They both have “my” in their titles too! 

There you go, my dears! Heed my advice, get yourself a chaebol, and get married!

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