Thursday, September 25, 2014

Boarding House No. 24 Episode 1 Review

I was going to recap this show but I think I'll just do a mini recap/review of each episode and throw in some fun pictures or gifs from each episode that I liked.

So, episode one. Overall I enjoyed it. The laugh track threw me off at first because it has been so long since I watched a sitcom but once I got used to it I barely noticed it anymore. We got introduced to all of the characters and got some background information on each one.

There are six twenty four year olds. Three women and three men who all have distinct traits. My favorites so far are the mysterious girl (Min Do He), the workoutaholic (Kim Dong Joon), and the North Korean defector (Li Bang In). I have a feeling I'll like the other characters more as the show progresses.

We also find out why the owner house hatched such an elaborate plan to bring everyone there. It turns out he was pretty wild back in the day and out of the 99 women he slept with in 1990 six had children the next year and one of them is his child. So, after his father died he decided to change himself and find his child.

 I think that the show will be a fun ride and I'm looking forward to the next episode. Here is one of my favorite scenes from the show.

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