Tuesday, September 9, 2014

King of High School *Spoilers*

I was not going to start my blog this way. I was going to begin with recaps of Blade Man but I just finished watching King of High School. I must write about it. I loved that drama so much. I just can’t help it!
Where to begin? I just. I mean. Come on! How stinkin’ cute was “King of High School”?! All of the characters right down to the “evil” ones had their adorable moments. I loved every minute of it! Well, I didn’t love Gramps’ death so much but everything else. I balled when he passed. Not cool.
The interactions between the characters were adorable, funny, and, yes, sometimes aggravating. For example when Soo Young didn’t tell Min Seuk when her family was having money problems because she didn’t want to trouble him. Of course the situation was resolved quickly which I appreciated but where is your communication Soo Young? Mama wants you to use your words! Got it?

Of course that little hiccup led to Soo Young proposing so I shouldn’t complain too much. I mean, how adorable was Min Seuk’s face when she proposed? I can’t even deal.

Speaking of faces. Oh. My. Goodness. Director Yoo has the prettiest but most handsome man face I’ve seen in a long time. His eyes? Whew! Where is my fan? That guy is just. Yep. Just look at him!

Wait. Is this a review or is it guy ogling? Do I need to separate the two? Yes? No? Wait. I’m Mama! I do what I want!
"King of High School" is good when you’re in the mood for a lighthearted, romantic comedy. I truly laughed out loud multiple times, cried, and even got goosebumps multiple times. This is definitely on my watch again and again list. I loved it. 
With that I will leave you with pictures of my favorite scenes throughout the drama. Let’s talk about it some more and have some fun! I love opinions and don’t mind opinions that are different than mine. Just keep in mind, Mama always knows best! 
By the way, there are too many scenes I loved so this is just a sampling.

If you’re feeling up to it please check out kdramamama!

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