Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stress Relief

I'm sitting here trying to edit and upload videos but my computer (me) is being stupid and nothing is working so I'm getting all angry and I need to release some stress or I will lose it. Throwing objects probably isn't the most healthy stress relief so I will post pictures of a hot guy instead. SOMEONE will appreciate them and that will make me feel better for sure. I think.

LEE GI KWANG!! I know he is six years younger than me but I have had the feels for this man boy since I saw him in 20's. I likes him and I want to look at him right now so I am sharing with you guys. You're welcome.

See? It's okay guys. He'll keep our secrets if we keep his.

Let's take a moment to appreciate his eyebrows. Perfection.

Your eyes, nose, lips. Your touch that used to touch me, to the ends of your fingertips. I can still feel you

Okay so we've never actually touched, let alone been in a relationship and broken up with Gi Kwang but we can pretend right?

See that smile? That's a yes. We can definitely pretend.

Gi Kwang's work here is done.

What do you do to relieve stress? Does looking at hot people help? I feel a little better but now I want to watch 20's again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kdrama Thoughts

I've been taking a break from Kdramas for the past couple of weeks. I know. Who would have thought that would happen? This time away from Kdramas has led to some thoughts. I say I've spent time away from Kdramas but really. I still think about them more than an average person does. I will share my thoughts now.

Time jumps. One of the most hated Kdrama mechanisms but also one of the most frequently used. What if we experienced time jumps in real life? One minute you're happily getting along with your new boyfriend (think Coffee Prince) and the next you have been apart for a couple of years and are being reunited after growing intellectually and in maturity to become a better person overall and achieve self satisfaction.

On the other hand, what if things were going well in your life but you experienced a time jump and now your life is not what it once was? Will you have to build yourself up again with the help of a reluctant sidekick who will eventually turn into a lover or will you have to go at it alone?  I'm sure once everything starts going smoothly for you there will be another time jump and you will be married to your lover with a kid or one on the way.

Nothing could ever go wrong with a time jump in real life right? It would go exactly the way it does in Kdramas and everything would be peachy in the end. Right? Wait a second. Would you actually remember everything that happened during the time jump if you had one in real life or would it be like waking up in the hospital with amnesia? You remember your life one way but people are telling you it is two years later and all of these changes have happened to you. 

What do you think? Would real life time jumps be the same as Kdrama time jumps? Do you think you would remember everything that happened? Would you like it if you experienced one?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mask Kdrama Review

So I did this thing. It was fun and I will do more. Let's talk about Mask!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Basterd is putting out a new single! They just released a teaser for the MV today. Have I talked about how much I enjoy Basterd? I do believe I gave them a brief mention many months ago so it doesn't hurt to talk about them again. They have yet to release a full album but I thoroughly enjoy what they have put out so far even though I rarely get to listen because there is usually a child around me. Here is the teaser for their new MV!

Shall I share some songs that I enjoy as well? Yes? Okay! Here you go!

What do you think? Give me a comment and let me know! I haven't done this in forever and feedback is always appreciated. Also, if you want to talk about other artists you like I'd like that as well. Conversation time! Go!