Friday, October 31, 2014

Fighting Friday: Halloween

Disclaimer: So this has nothing to do with Kdramas or Korean music of any kind but I'm listening to Khiphop right now! M.I.B's Dirty Sexy Money has been in my head all day.

Something has been bothering me for about a week now. I want a freakin' Baby Ruth but I haven't gotten one yet! Baby Ruth. BABY RUTH! Baby Ruth, Baby Ruth, Baby Ruth! Seriously. The craving is strong.

Why haven't I gotten a Baby Ruth? Good question! My husband and I don't have jobs right now and we're living with his mom and step dad. They are Judgy McJudgersons. Big time. If we spend money, no matter how little it is, that they deem unnecessary we get judged. It is unpleasant.

So how will I get my Baby Ruth? Well, it is Halloween and I have four kids. We are going trick or treating tonight and one of these kids best get me a Baby Ruth or we won't stop trick or treating until they do, dang it! I will have my Baby Ruth and it will be free. Perfect right? If I could fulfill my Coke craving my night would be complete.

I feel like Sloth from the Goonies. Last minute costume?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Whatever Wednesday: Mindless Thoughts

I haven't been around so my mind is empty. I have no ideas on what to post. I should have kept up with my blog! Let's see. What have I been up to? I just finished watching A Gentleman's Dignity for the second time. Why is Jang Dong Gun so good looking?

I really had a thing for Kim Min Jong's eyes this time around too.

Lee Jong Hyun and Kim Woo Bin are always nice to look at too.

Speaking of Lee Jong Hyun, I was so happy with all of the CNBLUE references because I actually knew the songs. Do you like CNBLUE? It was funny when Seo Yi Soo was drunk and singing Intuition.

That is how the song is supposed to sound Seo Yi Soo.

Did anyone else get annoyed with how dense Seo Yi Soo is? I always get annoyed when the characters are too dense. A little denseness I can understand but too much is just ugh. Stop it. 

I think I needed more Kim Dong Hyub and Seo Yi Soo interactions though. Maybe I just need to see Kim Woo Bin get his girl. Rejection sucks.

Quit getting rejected, Kim Woo Bin!

Sigh. I've never seen Kim Woo Bin get his girl. 

That will satisfy me for now. I think I need to watch the MV that still is from though. I haven't seen it. 

Really Kim Woo Bin? Really? You are frustrating me with this not getting a girl nonsense.

Why do I have trouble getting into female singers? I only like a select few. Is anyone else like that? 

15& contains two of the only female singers I enjoy. This song gets in my head a lot. 

I think I've babbled enough. What have you been thinking about lately?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Music & Yumday Monday: M.I.B

I feel like M.I.B is severely underrated so I am making today special. Not only will we have a yumday we'll also have a music day. I'm so considerate. I know. Let's begin!

Check out these MVs. I think Chisa Bounce is my favorite because it gets in my head and stays there but it is hard to choose. Beautiful Day was released predebut but it was the first song released by a member (5Zic) of M.I.B so I wanted to feature it. Also, it is an awesome song.

I think that four songs is enough to get you started. You should check out each individual member's stuff too. 

Yumday time! I'll start with the youngest and work my way up.


I really like his hair.

Young Cream! What is it with men and eyeliner? Seriously.

You shouldn't look at us like that. Not right.

5Zic. Sigh.

Aaaah! Too much hot!

5Zic gets three pictures because look.

Kangnam! He is man pretty.


Well, there you have it! Not only did you get to listen to awesome music you also got to look at handsome men. You're welcome. What do you think of M.I.B?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Lovable Girl: Episodes 9 & 10

This series is getting so painful for me to watch that it took me two days to get through episode 9. Two. Days. I have second lead syndrome so bad right now it is ridiculous. It hurts us! Sigh.

Seriously. How could I not have second lead syndrome? It is inevitable.

Like I said, it took me two days to get through this episode so I'm not going to remember everything that happened. I'll just give a small summary of what I do remember and my opinion. Give me your thoughts too! I don't care if you disagree. Let's discuss this show, okay? 

In episode 9 everyone was getting ready for Shi Woo's debut. Shi Woo was pushing himself really hard but trying to see Se Na whenever he could too. Wook told Se Na that he liked her but he wouldn't be in a relationship with her because she is Se Na. What's her name is jealous and Wook's dad is meddling as always. Producer Seo ruined Shi Woo's debut and Shi Woo got injured. A picture was taken of Se Na and Shi Woo while Se Na was visiting him at the hospital and it looks like their kissing. Jealous lady fired Se Na and when she told Wook she made it sound like Se Na knows about Wook's relationship with Se Na's sister and Wook gets very angry and goes to find Se Na. When Wook finds Se Na she wants to avoid him because she thinks he will be upset about the picture of her and Shi Woo.

I don't know guys. These episodes just feel like filler to me. Like, they could really condense it down. You know? I guess they need it to be 16 episodes, though, so they have to drag everything out. Could we at least throw some funny scenes in to make everything less painful? I'm in a lot of pain watching this show lately.

Why the pain? I can't get behind Se Na and Wook. Their chemistry is lacking big time for me. I just see them as brother and sister and have from the beginning. He has been taking care of her and helping her out so I can understand why Se Na has feelings for him but I can't get anything from Wook. It doesn't feel right. *SPOILER* From the very first episode of Answer Me 1994 or Reply 1994 I felt the chemistry between Trash and Na Jung despite their supposed brother/sister relationship and knew they'd end up together. *END SPOILER* I'm not feeling it between Wook and Se Na at all. 

I love how sweet Shi Woo is with Se Na and the effort he is trying to make with her. They have those little arguments all the time that end up growing their relationship and it is adorable. I can see them being a couple. It's just there for them. 

What do you guys think? I know I'm not the only one!

Bitches be crazy.

Episode 10! This episode was a lot better for me. I felt the chemistry a little bit more in this episode than I have in previous episodes. It finally clicked for me when Wook got so upset after Se Na confronted him at the end of the episode. I don't think I'll be able to get behind the relationship until Se Na knows the relationship between Wook and her sister though. That is part of the reason why I don't like that pairing. That Wook hasn't told her anything.

Look at that smile! I'm melting.

Shi Woo asked Se Na to write a song for him. I am looking forward to what they come up with! My heart is breaking for Shi Woo though. He will get dumped twice in this series. Hopefully he'll get a girl at the end or at least find happiness somewhere else. 

What's her name just needs to stop. Like, I don't know why she can't get it in her head. Maybe seeing Wook break down finally got it through to her. She'll probably be on a path of revenge with Producer Seo (that's his name right?) now. 

I think Wook's dad needs to explain everything sooner rather than later because he obviously isn't getting anywhere with Wook. Like, you keep saying you don't have much time but you aren't communicating. Just use your words. I don't think you're that bad of a guy.

We ended with Se Na telling Wook she can't like him anymore and Wook telling Se Na he'll be in a one sided love then. You know what is going to happen from here. They'll start their relationship and then everything will blow up when Se Na finds out who Wook is and at the end they'll happily get back together. Your thoughts?

How about if you bring those one-sided feelings this way?

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Lovable Girl: Episodes 7 & 8

This is very late. I could say that I've been busy but I haven't been THAT busy. I've just been putting off watching these episodes. I wasn't ready for what I knew was going down. I've watched them now, though, so let's get started!

I really like Rain's hair like that. Why is he so good looking?

Let's talk about episode 7 first! That was an episode wasn't it? What did ya'll think? I wasn't very into it myself. I'll be honest. The chemistry between Krystal and Rain seems very forced. Even the chemistry between Krystal and L seems forced even though I prefer that pairing. I'll just chalk it up to inferior acting skills. I'm still enjoying the drama but I'm not getting the lovey dovey feels I usually get.

Wook's dad got out of trouble for now. I don't think he is up to anything bad but he got caught giving gifts to another woman so he'll be in trouble again soon. I'm ready to see what Wook's dad's character is really like. I really wish he would communicate with his wife and tell her what he is up to but I guess that would be too easy.

We've got a lot of jealousy going on with what's her name and Se Na. Perfectly understandable. What's her name likes Wook but won't get him and he is hovering over Se Na and protecting her. She's just going to have to get over it because she won't get anywhere but that won't happen. Who's ready to see where her jealousy will lead her?

Shi Woo is determined to win so he decided not to go with Se Na's song. Se Na was upset but she took it surprisingly well. She didn't sulk too long and started trying to write another song. A lot of heroines in dramaland would have sulked way too long before doing that. I liked how Se Na called Shi Woo out on being drunk and hitting on girls when that happens. She's got him figured out for sure.

Wook will not accept his growing feelings for Se Na but we all know he likes her. Let's see what episode 8 brings!

I may not like the Wook/Se Na pairing but I don't mind watching them kiss!

Episode 8 was better for me than episode 7. Episode 7 almost seemed like filler. What can you do though? Sometimes we just need those filler episodes!

Se Na's song got picked up for a drama OST by g.o.d's Kim Tae Woo. *fangirl on* I've only listened to a few of g.o.d's songs but I've liked all of them. I did not, however, realize how cute Tae Woo is! I want to see more of him and hear more of his voice. I liked it. *fangirl off* Wook set all of that up, of course, because he wants Se Na to do well.

Wook's dad tried to tell him not to let Se Na come over anymore, to get rid of Dal Bong, and to move into his house and get ready for marriage. Um. Did you really think that would go well for you? Like, what were you thinking? Wook just walked away. I don't even know what to do with Wook's dad. He doesn't seem like that bad of a guy but then he says something like that and just ruins everything. Oh well. I'm sure he'll redeem himself later.

Let's see. What's her name tried to put the moves on Wook and it did not go well for her. Why can't she get it in her head that she has been permanently friend zoned? I would go so far as to say that she has been family zoned. Like, lady. You have zero chance. Take Wook's step mom's advice and stop barking up the wrong tree. 

How stinkin' sweet was it when Shi Woo took Se Na to watch the fireworks? I mean. Come on! So sweet! Why do I have second lead syndrome so badly right now? This does not happen to me. Sigh. I need to wake up.

We got a kiss at the end of this episode! What do you think will happen next ya'll? I'm ready to see where this will go!

Oh yeah. That is why I have second lead syndrome. Just look at the cute! Look at it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Topless Tuesday/Whatever Wednesday: Son Ho Jun

I'm combining Tuesday and Wednesday because this is my blog and I do what I want. I've been watching Answer Me 1994 thanks to the suggestions of new friends and I get mesmerized by Son Ho Jun's eyes when he shows up on my screen so we're going to talk about him. Oh and guess what! He is actually my age! Yay! I don't feel as perverted now! I seriously thought he was going to be another youngin' because he looks like he is in his early twenties.

 Topless Tuesday portion will not be plentiful today but I will do my best.

Sorry ya'll. Now we're just going to look at pictures I like of him. I'm so nice.

Those eyes though. They're nice.

Yay, MV from his Tachyon days!

So go appreciate Son Ho Jun more, okay! I told you to do it so you have to.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Yumday Monday: Lee Dong Wook

I don't know where to begin. I'm looking for good pictures of Lee Dong Wook but my eyes just go straight to his lips. Then they start glazing over and I can't think clearly. Sorry if these aren't the best pictures but you know that Lee Dong Wook's lips will look awesome!

I don't have to say anything right? Like, it is obvious why Lee Dong Wook was chosen for Yumday Monday. Just look at him!

You know what? I have had a hard time thinking of a recipe that goes with Lee Dong Wook so I thought to myself let's do an alcoholic beverage! Yes self. Alcohol is always good. I went back and forth trying to think of a drink that goes with Lee Dong Wook or one of his characters and finally thought of a rum and coke. It is a strong, sweet beverage just like his character in Blade Man. It will hit you by surprise if you have too many as well!

What you will need:

10 oz. glass
3oz. Coca-Cola
1.5 oz. Rum
Lime Wedge Optional

What to do:

Pack your glass with ice then build your drink! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fighting Friday

This whole week has been trying for me so I need some cheering up. To make myself feel better I thought I'd try my hand at meme and gif making. I'm using stills from shows that are starting soon. So here are some funny (to me at least) memes that may make your day at least a tiny bit better!


My not so creative juices are low tonight, guys. but I hope you at least got a little chuckle. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hersday Thursday: My mom

I'm not sure who to talk about right now. I can't think of one specific Kdrama or Kpop leading lady who has inspired me lately. I know that there are a lot of inspiring ladies in the Kdrama and Kpop world but my mind is full of my mom right now. She has always been a strong, inspiring lady but in the past several months she has mustered more strength and courage than I thought possible.

My dad was diagnosed with ALS in April. In April he was having a hard time walking but could manage with the aid of a cane. A couple of weeks after his diagnosis he started using a walker and a little while after that he was in a wheelchair. Eventually he lost the ability to move his arms and hands and now can only move his head. He is getting harder to understand and his once loud, strong voice is getting more quiet as the weeks go on. He is using a feeding tube and is way too skinny. He has accidents almost daily as he can no longer control those parts of his body.

To give you some perspective I will tell you this. Not even a year ago my dad was helping me move, digging ditches, and repairing houses. Not even one year ago. Think about that. He was diagnosed in April and now six months later his condition is this bad. Wouldn't you, as his wife be devastated? I would have a hard time not showing how upset I am let alone having the strength to take care of my husband 24 hours a day like my mom does. She even sleeps on the couch in the living room where my dad sleeps so that she can help him during the night when he needs it.

My mom does not complain. She just does what my dad needs. She gets frustrated, yes, but she is always sweet to my dad no matter what and he is too. My mom gets tired but she goes on. She keeps moving despite her own body not being in great condition and she does not complain about her own pains at all. She vents her frustrations to others and then gets over it and moves on. She doesn't dwell on the bad stuff and always focuses on the positive. She hardly even leaves the house and is even going on a six hour trip with my dad despite the difficulties and even looking forward to it.

I don't think I would be as strong as she is in this situation. I would be crying daily and wondering how I would go on taking care of my husband. Honestly, I would even be thinking about full time care for my husband but my mom doesn't. She just keeps going with strength and courage. I mean, how awesome is she? Don't even get me started on my dad's awesome attitude. So, if you're looking for some inspiration think about my mom. I'm helping her right now so I'm being the strong, happy one for her but I know when I go back to my home I will have to cry and break down. She seriously does not do that. She may shed a tear here and there but she gets over it and moves on. Awesome.

Who inspires you?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Whatever Wednesday: A Good Cry

Sometimes we all need a good cry. I could use one right now but I have to be strong at this time to make those around me happy. Watching dramas gives me an outlet for the emotions that I can't normally let out and I'm grateful for that. So, when I need a good cry I either watch these dramas or scenes from them.

The bus scene from You're Beautiful gets me every single time. Jeremy is so sweet and innocent so seeing him having his heart broken is too much. My feels can't take it.

Secret is very emotional for me too. This is a drama I have to watch all the way through. I don't like just watching scenes.

Secret Garden always gets me too. So much sacrificing for your loved one. It is beautiful.

Can You Hear My Heart. This is the ultimate I need to be alone and cry drama for me. It is an awesome drama and is great for letting all of my emotions out.

There are so many more that I can name and may at a later date but my family needs me right now so I'm off to be with them. When I return from visiting my parents I will be watching Can You Hear My Heart for sure. I need it. What do you watch when you need a good cry?

Topless Tuesday Now Wednesday: Seungri

I decided to feature Seungri for Topless Tuesday because he hasn't been feeling so great and what better way to cheer him than to have women ogle him right? I mean, isn't that what guys want?

It's like a little sneak peek before the whole shirt comes off. Previews are good right?

Well hello there.

The whole shirt isn't off but it's a nice view. He looks good and he knows it.

Bam! Hee hee!

This picture is just adorable so I had to put it here. I know this post is about Seungri but look at Daesung's smile! And, you know, man abs are nice to look at.

So there you have it! Topless Seungri! Who should I feature next week?