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My Lovable Girl Episode 2 Recap

I know I'm doing this really late but I had a busy weekend out of town. I got to see my sister two days after her birthday instead of months! It is nice to live closer.

I'm trying something different with the recap today because I didn't care for the last one. I was bored trying to read it over again. Give me some feedback and let me know what you think! I'm still new to this and learning so I'll take constructive criticism with no problems. All right! Here we go!

Episode two opened with Se Na and Joo Hong at an outdoor bar getting ready to have some food and drinks. Not knowing that Hyun Wook was right there (or maybe she did know) Se Na called Wook a jerk and talked about moving away. Joo Hong said at least he wasn't bad looking. I mean, if you're going to work for a jerk it would be nice if he was pleasant to look at right?

Se Na got a new job at a lunchbox place that is very famous and delivers to celebrities. It is a demanding job but it pays well so it's worth it right? Of course the first place Se Na delivers to is ANA and who else would be on the elevator but Shi Woo? Se Na, logically, must be a stalker or sneaking her CDs in with the lunchboxes. These accusations get Shi Woo into trouble as Se Na threatens to leak his rejection to the public but he gets out of it when someone else gets on the elevator and he hands her a business card for the lunchbox place.

I think Wook is the stalker here. I'm pretty sure he somehow helped Se Na get her new job but don't quote me on that. Anyway, Wook keeps "coincidentally" running into Se Na which leads her to ask if he is a bum since she has never seen him work. If this is Wook's way to keep an eye on Se Na and get closer to her I don't know if is going to work very well. His behavior is definitely confusing Se Na.

Wook's stalking eventually leads Se Na to a park for lunchbox delivery. She mentions the fact that it is going to rain an as soon as Wook says it would be nice if it did, the rain starts. Se Na complained about the rain and Wook told her she should have brought an umbrella since she knew it was going to happen. I mean, he has a point Se Na. After getting a phone call Se Na begins to leave when Wook stops her to cover her head so she doesn't get a cold and hate him more. Awww. Wook. Not so sure if he is beginning to "like" her yet but that was a sweet gesture. I'm getting more of a little sister/big brother vibe.

Housewarming party time! Wook didn't want Hae Yoon to know where he lives but the information got leaked somehow (Ahem. You're supposed to have tight lips, friend!) Sung Jin is obviously getting jealous of the feels Hae Yoon has for Wook and tells him that he should write a ballad about the loss of a lover. Too low man. He even goes so low as to ask if the reason he won't write that ballad is because Wook has already forgotten about So Eun. Dude, you don't have to worry! Stop digging into wounds and just bide your time until Hae Yoon finally figures out that Wook is not and never will be into her!

Poor Se Na can't shake those loan sharks. This time things are so escalated that So Eun appears to lead Wook to Se Na so that he can protect her. He gets his opportunity when a truck rolls down a hill toward Se Na. Wook shielded Se Na and got injured in the process but nothing too serious. 

I just put that picture there because I like his smile in it. I fangirled way too much when I saw it. I mean, how cute is Rain? Fo' reals.

Wook hired an investigator to see how bad Se Na's debt with the loan sharks is. Se Na got fired from her job because of the loan sharks and she delivers one last meal to Wook. When he hears that Se Na got fired he uses his injuries to his advantage and tells Se Na that he will pay her to take care of Dol Bong. Se Na asks for 9,000 won an hour but Wook pays her 20,000. 

Here we have the members of Infinite Power giving an interview. They pretend to get along nicely for the interview then argue about Ra Eum right after the interview ends. I wonder how many of our favorite idol groups don't really get along very well. They can't all be that good at acting right? After Shi Woo goes into his van to rest and listen to music Se Na's demo begins to play. Shi Woo is upset with his manager because he didn't pass the demo along to Jae Young because it isn't his style. Shi Woo obviously has a sense of honor. It is nice to see and I think he is a sweet guy but trying to act tough to protect himself.

Joo Hong is adamant that Wook "likes" Se Na. Why else would he be paying Se Na for a job that he can do himself now that he is healed? Joo Hong even thinks that Se Na should live with Wook so that she is protected from loan sharks. Se Na just scoffs at Joo Hong but you can tell she likes it. Even the lady selling fish at the market thinks that Wook is Se Na's boyfriend and is jealous of Se Na. Can you blame her? 

While Wook is watching Se Na play with Dol Bong on the beach he is reminded of So Eun and asks if she is watching Se Na and Dol Bong. Se Na is happy to be at the beach because she grew up close to the ocean and it reminds her of the home she misses. Wook asked why Se Na moved to Seoul and Se Na told him that she wants to be like her sister who is pretty, talented, and good at everything. Se Na feels like she isn't good at anything and messes everything up. Wook doesn't think Se Na is that bad. Awww. Wook! You can't say stuff like that to a girl if you don't want her to fall for you. Se Na loved it. She is really starting to crush on Wook.

After their trip to the beach Wook got a call that is dad is in the hospital. When Wook went to see his dad they argued again and Wook's dad asked him to take over the company. The employees at ANA want to keep the president's condition a secret and are discussing making Jae Yoon the president because he is such a good music producer that is the main source of income for ANA. He says he'll think about it only since it is a bad time for the company. What is up with Jae Yoon? Is he really mean or is he putting on a show to get Hae Yoon's attention?

Hae Yoon is doing whatever she can to keep Wook by her side. Okay. Not really. In this case I think she has ANA's best interests at heart. She wants Wook to step up as president but he still doesn't want to. While Se Na is outside waiting for Wook and Hae Yoon to finish talking she hears the song Hae Yoon plays for Wook. It is the title song of Infinite Power's new album but it is way too similar to Se Na's demo. When she goes to ANA to ask Jae Yoon about it he belittles her saying anyone with a brain can write a song. Wook steps up to her defense and gives Jae Yoon three options: "First, you get caught for plagiarizing. Second, you put out the song as a joint effort with an unknown songwriter. Third, if you don’t like any of those choices, make a new song." Jae Yoon is still defiant but Wook says he'll become president to shut Jae Yoon up. 

Se Na decided to go back to her hometown after all of this. She decided she couldn't take the thugs coming after her and the hardships of trying to become a musician. She even left her guitar behind as a gift to Joo Hong. Wook went after her, though, telling her that ANA bought her talent and her debt has been paid. Wook tells Se Na that he is tired of playing and will start working at ANA too. As he walks away with Se Na's bag she asks if Wook likes her.

So what did you guys think of that episode? There was a lot going on! I don't think Wook "likes" Se Na yet. I think he still thinks of her as a little sister but may be developing those feelings slowly.

 I appreciate Shi Woo's sense of honor. Se Na may not be his favorite person but he still got her demo to Jae Yoon because his manager told her he would but didn't and Shi Woo stuck up for Se Na when Jae Yoon was denying the plagiarism.

 I like Hae Yoon's character and I feel bad that she won't get the guy she wants but I'm also tired already of her going after him when it obviously isn't going to happen. You've known the guy for twelve years! If nothing has happened in those twelve years most likely nothing is going to happen in the future. 

 I'll keep watching to see what happens. I'm slowly getting more attached to the characters so even though I think I know what will happen in the drama I'll at least keep watching for them. 

Give me your thoughts! Are you looking forward to the next episode?

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