Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whatever Wednesday: The Princess Bride

Guys, guys, guys! Who else loves The Princess Bride? I mean, everyone right? RIGHT?! Of course! I know we all love Kdramas too so I thought I would pick a cast for the Korean version of The Princess Bride! I combined two things that I love and now I want to see it for real! Someone get on this!

First we have Song Ji Hyo as Buttercup! The last drama I saw Song Ji Hyo in was Emergency Couple and she played a matter of fact woman who knew what she wanted and stood up for it. Buttercup knew she did not want to marry Prince Humperdinck and did anything she could to get out of the marriage. I think that they look similar as well. Their chin, lips, nose, and eyes are very similar.

Next I chose Lee Dong Wook as Wesley. I'm watching Lee Dong Wook in Blade Man right now. His character has a temper but he also has a sweet side, especially when he is in love. Granted Dong Wook's character expresses his anger differently but you get the idea. Wesley is like that too! You don't want to make him angry and he is so sweet to his Buttercup. Oh and you may think I'm crazy but these two have similar faces too. Their jaws, noses, eyes, and lips are very similar. Wouldn't you say? In my humble opinion, though, Dong Wook takes the prize for looks.

Who do I have for Inigo Montoya? Han Jung Soo! Look at this picture. It screams Inigo Montoya and was actually the picture that inspired this post. I'm watching Jung Soo in Blade Man as Secretary Ko and he is rocking his role. I have a huge major fangirl crush on him right now. What was I saying? Oh! Secretary Ko is fiercely loyal to Hong Bin as Hong Bin's assistant because Hong Bin saved his sister. Inigo Montoya is fiercely loyal to his family too and I have a feeling if something happened to Secretary Ko's family he would go after the person who caused it.

Who else loves Fezzik? He is so awesome and so is Ko Chang Seok as Jo Jung Mi in Good Doctor. While Ko Chang Seok doesn't have Fezzik's height he is an intimidating guy that people have a hard time approaching. In Good Doctor he is a pediatric nurse who is a big softie with the kids but tough when he needs to be. Fezzik is the same way. Big and intimidating but he cares for people in a big way too. 

I would like Kim Kwang Kyu to play Vizzini. Now, I haven't seen Kim Kwang Kyu play an evil character but I think he could do it well. In Boarding House No. 24 he is playing a man who created an elaborate plot to get six people who may be his children to live at his boarding house. He anticipates their every move just like Vizzini anticipated Wesley's moves in The Princess Bride. I know that ended up in failure for him but it hasn't for Kwang Kyu so far. Ha ha!

I was hesitating about choosing Lee Min Ho for Prince Humperdinck. I know Gu Jun Pyo was not exactly like Prince Humperdinck but there were similarities so try to stay with me. Prince Humperdinck and Jun Pyo were both spoiled men who wanted something and plotted all kinds of things to get what they wanted. They were both used to people waiting on them for everything and not used to being rejected or hearing someone tell them no. Also, the hair. I mean look at the hair. Hee hee! They actually look similar too. Jaws, mouths and foreheads. I'm sure there is a better Prince Humperdinck but Lee Min Ho popped in my mind and wouldn't leave so there you have it. 

I haven't seen Mandate of Heaven so I didn't know that Lee Dong Wook and Song Ji Hyo were in it together but look! They're holding hands just like Buttercup and Wesley! See? SEEEEEEEEE?! That means I did a good job, right?! Tell me I did a good job. Please? Hee hee!

So I know you all won't agree with my choices. Let me know who you would cast in the Korean version of The Princess Bride! 

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