Friday, October 17, 2014

My Lovable Girl: Episodes 7 & 8

This is very late. I could say that I've been busy but I haven't been THAT busy. I've just been putting off watching these episodes. I wasn't ready for what I knew was going down. I've watched them now, though, so let's get started!

I really like Rain's hair like that. Why is he so good looking?

Let's talk about episode 7 first! That was an episode wasn't it? What did ya'll think? I wasn't very into it myself. I'll be honest. The chemistry between Krystal and Rain seems very forced. Even the chemistry between Krystal and L seems forced even though I prefer that pairing. I'll just chalk it up to inferior acting skills. I'm still enjoying the drama but I'm not getting the lovey dovey feels I usually get.

Wook's dad got out of trouble for now. I don't think he is up to anything bad but he got caught giving gifts to another woman so he'll be in trouble again soon. I'm ready to see what Wook's dad's character is really like. I really wish he would communicate with his wife and tell her what he is up to but I guess that would be too easy.

We've got a lot of jealousy going on with what's her name and Se Na. Perfectly understandable. What's her name likes Wook but won't get him and he is hovering over Se Na and protecting her. She's just going to have to get over it because she won't get anywhere but that won't happen. Who's ready to see where her jealousy will lead her?

Shi Woo is determined to win so he decided not to go with Se Na's song. Se Na was upset but she took it surprisingly well. She didn't sulk too long and started trying to write another song. A lot of heroines in dramaland would have sulked way too long before doing that. I liked how Se Na called Shi Woo out on being drunk and hitting on girls when that happens. She's got him figured out for sure.

Wook will not accept his growing feelings for Se Na but we all know he likes her. Let's see what episode 8 brings!

I may not like the Wook/Se Na pairing but I don't mind watching them kiss!

Episode 8 was better for me than episode 7. Episode 7 almost seemed like filler. What can you do though? Sometimes we just need those filler episodes!

Se Na's song got picked up for a drama OST by g.o.d's Kim Tae Woo. *fangirl on* I've only listened to a few of g.o.d's songs but I've liked all of them. I did not, however, realize how cute Tae Woo is! I want to see more of him and hear more of his voice. I liked it. *fangirl off* Wook set all of that up, of course, because he wants Se Na to do well.

Wook's dad tried to tell him not to let Se Na come over anymore, to get rid of Dal Bong, and to move into his house and get ready for marriage. Um. Did you really think that would go well for you? Like, what were you thinking? Wook just walked away. I don't even know what to do with Wook's dad. He doesn't seem like that bad of a guy but then he says something like that and just ruins everything. Oh well. I'm sure he'll redeem himself later.

Let's see. What's her name tried to put the moves on Wook and it did not go well for her. Why can't she get it in her head that she has been permanently friend zoned? I would go so far as to say that she has been family zoned. Like, lady. You have zero chance. Take Wook's step mom's advice and stop barking up the wrong tree. 

How stinkin' sweet was it when Shi Woo took Se Na to watch the fireworks? I mean. Come on! So sweet! Why do I have second lead syndrome so badly right now? This does not happen to me. Sigh. I need to wake up.

We got a kiss at the end of this episode! What do you think will happen next ya'll? I'm ready to see where this will go!

Oh yeah. That is why I have second lead syndrome. Just look at the cute! Look at it!

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