Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hersday Thursday: My mom

I'm not sure who to talk about right now. I can't think of one specific Kdrama or Kpop leading lady who has inspired me lately. I know that there are a lot of inspiring ladies in the Kdrama and Kpop world but my mind is full of my mom right now. She has always been a strong, inspiring lady but in the past several months she has mustered more strength and courage than I thought possible.

My dad was diagnosed with ALS in April. In April he was having a hard time walking but could manage with the aid of a cane. A couple of weeks after his diagnosis he started using a walker and a little while after that he was in a wheelchair. Eventually he lost the ability to move his arms and hands and now can only move his head. He is getting harder to understand and his once loud, strong voice is getting more quiet as the weeks go on. He is using a feeding tube and is way too skinny. He has accidents almost daily as he can no longer control those parts of his body.

To give you some perspective I will tell you this. Not even a year ago my dad was helping me move, digging ditches, and repairing houses. Not even one year ago. Think about that. He was diagnosed in April and now six months later his condition is this bad. Wouldn't you, as his wife be devastated? I would have a hard time not showing how upset I am let alone having the strength to take care of my husband 24 hours a day like my mom does. She even sleeps on the couch in the living room where my dad sleeps so that she can help him during the night when he needs it.

My mom does not complain. She just does what my dad needs. She gets frustrated, yes, but she is always sweet to my dad no matter what and he is too. My mom gets tired but she goes on. She keeps moving despite her own body not being in great condition and she does not complain about her own pains at all. She vents her frustrations to others and then gets over it and moves on. She doesn't dwell on the bad stuff and always focuses on the positive. She hardly even leaves the house and is even going on a six hour trip with my dad despite the difficulties and even looking forward to it.

I don't think I would be as strong as she is in this situation. I would be crying daily and wondering how I would go on taking care of my husband. Honestly, I would even be thinking about full time care for my husband but my mom doesn't. She just keeps going with strength and courage. I mean, how awesome is she? Don't even get me started on my dad's awesome attitude. So, if you're looking for some inspiration think about my mom. I'm helping her right now so I'm being the strong, happy one for her but I know when I go back to my home I will have to cry and break down. She seriously does not do that. She may shed a tear here and there but she gets over it and moves on. Awesome.

Who inspires you?

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