Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hersday Thursday: Lee Guk Joo

I'm making Thursdays hersdays. I know Lee Guk Joo isn't a Kdrama female lead but I have recently developed a girl crush on her so she will be the first female I feature! Plus, I don't think many people would mess with her. 

Here is Lee Guk Joo posing for Vogue Korea. She is rocking that dress and hair! I think she looks awesome here. The guys help too. Lee Guk Joo can we be besties?

Fierce! Look at her working it! I really want that dress.

This is supposed to be a funny video which it kind of is but the girl can dance! I wanna move like her fo' reals!

She does funny CFs with Kim Woo Bin! Kim Woo Bin. Kim freakin' Woo Bin! I am jealous of both of them.

Another awesome CF featuring her dancing skills. I'm telling you! She is just awesome.

And I mean, Gary is totally in love with her. Look at this!

After she danced Gary sat down next to her and Lee Guk Joo said he was stuck to his side. When asked if he likes her Gary said he didn't plan it either and leaned on her. 

See? Seeeeeeeee?

Lee Kwang Soo even said he likes chubby girls like her! Eeee! Hee hee!

Jackson from Got7 is totally crushing on her too! I mean, this woman is so adorable and funny she has got all these guys liking her. It is extra impressive since she is overweight and Korea has such a high standard of beauty. By the way I think she is absolutely beautiful.

Lee Guk Joo isn't only awesome because of all the men surrounding her. Every variety show I've seen her on she has been funny and the guests and hosts like her. They want to talk and laugh with her. She steals a lot of camera time because of her intriguing personality! I think that is awesome.

Do you have a girl crush or just really admire a female celebrity? Let me know who it is and why!

Here is a bonus MV with Kidoh and Sangdo that shows Lee Guk Joo's funniness, dancing, and how beautiful she is. 

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