Monday, October 27, 2014

Music & Yumday Monday: M.I.B

I feel like M.I.B is severely underrated so I am making today special. Not only will we have a yumday we'll also have a music day. I'm so considerate. I know. Let's begin!

Check out these MVs. I think Chisa Bounce is my favorite because it gets in my head and stays there but it is hard to choose. Beautiful Day was released predebut but it was the first song released by a member (5Zic) of M.I.B so I wanted to feature it. Also, it is an awesome song.

I think that four songs is enough to get you started. You should check out each individual member's stuff too. 

Yumday time! I'll start with the youngest and work my way up.


I really like his hair.

Young Cream! What is it with men and eyeliner? Seriously.

You shouldn't look at us like that. Not right.

5Zic. Sigh.

Aaaah! Too much hot!

5Zic gets three pictures because look.

Kangnam! He is man pretty.


Well, there you have it! Not only did you get to listen to awesome music you also got to look at handsome men. You're welcome. What do you think of M.I.B?

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