Friday, October 3, 2014

My Lovable Girl Episodes 5 and 6 Review

I'm going to do a review of episodes 5 and 6 this week. I do have time for a full recap but I have a busy weekend ahead of me and I want to finish a drama before the weekend is up. I've been stressed out so I need some kind of stress relief and it's good to have goals right? Okay! Here we go!

Look at how nice I am! I put up a cute picture of Rain and Krystal even though I prefer L and Krystal. You're welcome.

We got a lot of sweetness and a lot of drama in episode five for sure. Everyone was understandably upset and stressed out about the breakup of Infinite Power and the fate of ANA. Wook would have it under control, though, if people would just listen to him. He gets them on his side but they always oppose at first. 

Shi Woo went missing but he reached out to Se Na. She was very sweet with him. She brought Shi Woo food and was there for him when he felt like nobody else would be. It is obvious that Shi Woo is starting to like Se Na now. I'm just sad that it won't go anywhere. 

Wook told Hae Yoon that she is his worker and nothing else because he got very angry about her pushing him into producing music. Later, though, Wook had a change of heart and apologized to Hae Yoon. Wook told her that he has an ear-worm which makes it difficult to even listen to music. Of course this brings up Hae Yoon's feels and Se Na sees them hugging which upset her.

Everyone in Wook's family is unhappy with his father. Wook's step-mom blames his father's adultery on the failing company. 

Thoughts: I love Rain but I do not like the Rain and Krystal combo yet. I know, I know. Everyone else is gaga over this relationship but I'm just not feeling it. I can't explain why. I can see them falling for each other but it is unconvincing to me. Maybe because Wook has a secret and I think everything needs to be out in the open before I feel the romance. I don't know. I'm just meh about their relationship right now.

I'm also not into the Rain and Hae Yoon relationship. I like them as friends but it is very obvious that she is the only one interested in romance. Why even give her hope? 

I think that Wook is handling the ANA fiasco really well. I like that he has morals and wants to stick with them. Wook is just awesome all around. Maybe that is why I don't like any of the girls around him. He is just too awesome for all of the business. Ha ha!

Can I at least get a hug between Se Na and Shi Woo? That will make me happy. Please?

Shi Woo is back! He decided to go solo and needs a song. Wook presented three songs to his employees and they chose Se Na's not knowing it was her's. Tough cookies. You can't change your mind now. There is opposition everywhere, though, and they might even lose a huge investment because the investor doesn't like the song so there is that cliffhanger. 

Wook's dad is in big trouble. His wife is on to his affairs and even wants to send him to an old person's home. She is having him followed and is talking to a lawyer about divorce. Wook doesn't want anything to do with him either and warns him that he should get his act together before Min Ah leaves him too..

When Se Na tried to treat Wook to a dinner to thank him for his help Hae Yoon tags along. The girls aren't getting along well and Wook even says that he and Hae Yoon aren't dating...yet. Se Na isn't happy but really she doesn't have anything to worry about. She even gets a hug so that like seals the deal right?

Thoughts: This episode had a lot of cute moments. I enjoyed it more than the last one. I don't really have much to say on it. I'm curious about what will happen with the investor but I'm sure Wook will take care of it. What do you guys think?

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