Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Lovable Girl: Episodes 9 & 10

This series is getting so painful for me to watch that it took me two days to get through episode 9. Two. Days. I have second lead syndrome so bad right now it is ridiculous. It hurts us! Sigh.

Seriously. How could I not have second lead syndrome? It is inevitable.

Like I said, it took me two days to get through this episode so I'm not going to remember everything that happened. I'll just give a small summary of what I do remember and my opinion. Give me your thoughts too! I don't care if you disagree. Let's discuss this show, okay? 

In episode 9 everyone was getting ready for Shi Woo's debut. Shi Woo was pushing himself really hard but trying to see Se Na whenever he could too. Wook told Se Na that he liked her but he wouldn't be in a relationship with her because she is Se Na. What's her name is jealous and Wook's dad is meddling as always. Producer Seo ruined Shi Woo's debut and Shi Woo got injured. A picture was taken of Se Na and Shi Woo while Se Na was visiting him at the hospital and it looks like their kissing. Jealous lady fired Se Na and when she told Wook she made it sound like Se Na knows about Wook's relationship with Se Na's sister and Wook gets very angry and goes to find Se Na. When Wook finds Se Na she wants to avoid him because she thinks he will be upset about the picture of her and Shi Woo.

I don't know guys. These episodes just feel like filler to me. Like, they could really condense it down. You know? I guess they need it to be 16 episodes, though, so they have to drag everything out. Could we at least throw some funny scenes in to make everything less painful? I'm in a lot of pain watching this show lately.

Why the pain? I can't get behind Se Na and Wook. Their chemistry is lacking big time for me. I just see them as brother and sister and have from the beginning. He has been taking care of her and helping her out so I can understand why Se Na has feelings for him but I can't get anything from Wook. It doesn't feel right. *SPOILER* From the very first episode of Answer Me 1994 or Reply 1994 I felt the chemistry between Trash and Na Jung despite their supposed brother/sister relationship and knew they'd end up together. *END SPOILER* I'm not feeling it between Wook and Se Na at all. 

I love how sweet Shi Woo is with Se Na and the effort he is trying to make with her. They have those little arguments all the time that end up growing their relationship and it is adorable. I can see them being a couple. It's just there for them. 

What do you guys think? I know I'm not the only one!

Bitches be crazy.

Episode 10! This episode was a lot better for me. I felt the chemistry a little bit more in this episode than I have in previous episodes. It finally clicked for me when Wook got so upset after Se Na confronted him at the end of the episode. I don't think I'll be able to get behind the relationship until Se Na knows the relationship between Wook and her sister though. That is part of the reason why I don't like that pairing. That Wook hasn't told her anything.

Look at that smile! I'm melting.

Shi Woo asked Se Na to write a song for him. I am looking forward to what they come up with! My heart is breaking for Shi Woo though. He will get dumped twice in this series. Hopefully he'll get a girl at the end or at least find happiness somewhere else. 

What's her name just needs to stop. Like, I don't know why she can't get it in her head. Maybe seeing Wook break down finally got it through to her. She'll probably be on a path of revenge with Producer Seo (that's his name right?) now. 

I think Wook's dad needs to explain everything sooner rather than later because he obviously isn't getting anywhere with Wook. Like, you keep saying you don't have much time but you aren't communicating. Just use your words. I don't think you're that bad of a guy.

We ended with Se Na telling Wook she can't like him anymore and Wook telling Se Na he'll be in a one sided love then. You know what is going to happen from here. They'll start their relationship and then everything will blow up when Se Na finds out who Wook is and at the end they'll happily get back together. Your thoughts?

How about if you bring those one-sided feelings this way?

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