Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stress Relief

I'm sitting here trying to edit and upload videos but my computer (me) is being stupid and nothing is working so I'm getting all angry and I need to release some stress or I will lose it. Throwing objects probably isn't the most healthy stress relief so I will post pictures of a hot guy instead. SOMEONE will appreciate them and that will make me feel better for sure. I think.

LEE GI KWANG!! I know he is six years younger than me but I have had the feels for this man boy since I saw him in 20's. I likes him and I want to look at him right now so I am sharing with you guys. You're welcome.

See? It's okay guys. He'll keep our secrets if we keep his.

Let's take a moment to appreciate his eyebrows. Perfection.

Your eyes, nose, lips. Your touch that used to touch me, to the ends of your fingertips. I can still feel you

Okay so we've never actually touched, let alone been in a relationship and broken up with Gi Kwang but we can pretend right?

See that smile? That's a yes. We can definitely pretend.

Gi Kwang's work here is done.

What do you do to relieve stress? Does looking at hot people help? I feel a little better but now I want to watch 20's again.

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